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Calendar of Events  2022-23

The Canaanite Woman – Writing and Talking about Disability

September 21 & 28, 7:30 pm

Drawing from his new book of poems, The Canaanite Woman, Ben Bagocious will guide us in writing and talking about the Canaanite Woman, pausing to imagine the life of this biblical figure as she raises a child with disabilities and crafts a life of beauty and resilience.

Wine & Cheese and The Realization of God in Beauty - Program Year Launch

September 25, 6:30pm

Chris Fafard will share his art of photo-poetics – a merging of image and poem as a means of inspiring wonder in others. Participants will be invited to respond to inspiration with their own written word. Also offered during the 9:30 am Adult Formation Hour on this date.


Walking Meditation

October 10,  9:30am

There is a long tradition of contemplative walking, or walking meditation, as a spiritual practice. Kathy Prudden will lead us in engaging with ourselves, the natural world, and the Creator, through a guided contemplative walking experience on St. Aidan’s grounds.


Mass on the World

November 13, 5:30pm

Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit priest and paleontologist, once celebrated the Eucharist without bread and wine, but with all of creation as an offering to God. Join us at the 5:30 service to participate in a liturgical rendering of Teilhard's Mass on the World, with music and photography that bring together the beauty of creation as an offering to God. 

Blue Christmas Service

December 14, 7:30pm

A gathering for prayer, reflection, and re-centering during a season where joyful anticipation may be accompanied or overshadowed by other, more difficult emotions.

Are You Persuaded? A reading by Bishop Porter Taylor

January 29, 4:00pm

Bishop Porter Taylor will read from his newly published memoir, including stories of participating in electing the first woman and the first African American Presiding Bishops. The higher Porter went in church hierarchy, the harder he found it to maintain his faith. His memoir is, above all, a glimpse into how one keeps one’s love of God and of Christ even when the religious container no longer fits.

John Scotus Eriugena: A Celtic Way of Liberation

Feb. 6, 13 & 20 7:30pm

Through prayer, teaching, and discussion, LJ Milone will explore John Scotus Eriugena’s deeply Celtic path that brings together the sacred and the ordinary with emphasis on the goodness of nature and the body. Eriugena proclaims, “Christ who understands all things is the understanding of all things.”

Coming up in 2023

    - Diana Butler Bass on writing spiritual memoir

    - Creating Icons with parishioner Jennifer Smith 


Ongoing Offerings – Continuing via Zoom


Silent Prayer                                                                                

Tuesdays in the Sanctuary and Fridays on Zoom, 8:00 am

Meditations on the Gospel of Thomas                                        

1st and 3rd Thursdays, 7:30 pm

Regathering in October 2022


Soul Circle                                                                                     

2nd & 4th Thursdays, 7:30 pm

Regathering in October 2022 

Soul Circle
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