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Evening Programs

Spirit-led Living: A wine and cheese gathering with Francie Thayer

     September 16, 6:30 pm

Spiritual Direction: Listening for the voice of the Divine with Francie Thayer

     September 26, 7:30 pm

Spiritual Discernment: Finding God in patterns of the heart

     Joy Crawford - October 24, 7:30 pm        

Living an Examined Life with James Hollis

     November 28, 7:30 pm

Healing Arts: Music, Poetry, and Art-Making for a Busy Season

     December 12, 7:30 pm

Rumi: Beyond the Poet with Skip Maselli

     February 27, 7:30 pm

Prayer and Worship

Teilhard de Chardin’s Mass on the World

     September 23, 5:30 pm                                  

Prayer & Healing Energy for World Peace

     October 20, November 17, December 15, 9:00 am                                                                


Nothing but God: The Everyday Mysticism of Meister Eckhart with LJ Milone

     Tuesdays at 7:30pm, January 15, 22, & 29                                                                                                    

A Survey of Religious Belief and Practice in China through the Ages: Daoism, Buddhism, and Christianity with John Lein

     Tuesdays, February 19 & 26 + March 5 and Wednesday, March 13, 7:00 pm                                                    


Retreats and Pilgrimage

Awakening the Heart: A Christian/Sufi Wisdom Retreat with The Rev. Matthew Wright

     April 5-6, Friday & Saturday


Pilgrimage to Iona

     June 13-21

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